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This site is primarily an archive for my fanfiction. The bulk of my stories are DBZ-based, however, my interest in that fandom has been waning and I now write, if I have the time, for other fandoms.

Tamer stuff is up on under the account Kiarene.

The raunchier stuff is up on various other posting boards, archival sites, livejournal communities. Where I post depends on the fandom. DBZ stuff are posted at Yaoi Hotel and Saiyan Hideaway. GW fics are up on the Gundam Wing Universe Fanficion Archive.

Like any writer, I *adore* feedback, so please leave a review if you like my works. Thank you.

Many thanks to Saiyan_Lullaby and Dark Fate for helping beta-read some of my DBZ fics at one time or another!


12th December 2005
HP: Uploaded chapter 3 of Twins.

10th December 2005
PoT: Uploaded 2 Prince of Tennis stories: Atobe vs Nanjirou, and El Alma del Tango.
HP: Uploaded chapters 1 and 2 of a new series Twins.

4th August 2005
GW: Uploaded Trieze Khushrenada: Gundam Pilot 05, a one-shot.

1st August 2005
GW: Updated chapter 13 of Takeover, the last chapter.

20th July 2005
GW: Updated chapter 12 of Takeover.
Added parts 5-7 to Autumn Coffee (Palm Trees, Rose Gardens and Smoky Bars).

13th July 2005
GW: Updated chapters 10 and 11 of Takeover.

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Rating system…
Totally safe
Shonen-ai, kissing, fighting
Lemons, smut
NCS, BDSM, torture
And since I don’t really consider the usual profanity to be particularly dangerous, you may find them in my G-rated fics as well.

There are two types of yaoi fangirls: the free for all, and the shippers. I belong decidedly to the former. I usually go crazy over one character... and for him, it's a free for all. *g*

I usually go crazy over one character for a fandom and will read/write all around that guy. He is usually pretty, snarky and cutely evil, with lots of issues. Ooo, and the voice. He usually has a husky voice. Have you noticed how so many protagonists in anime have high-pitched voices (maybe it makes them seem more innocent) while the villian gets the bedroom voice?

A warning...
Many of my works contain material intended for mature audiences only. By that, I mean not only should you be above 18, but open-minded as well. I write on sex, yaoi, violence... The only subsequent warnings given are for torture/rape. I don't believe in warning for swearing. *evil grin*

A disclaimer...
I'm too lazy to put disclaimers on my fics so I'll state them here. The assorted animes are not mine, though any original characters are. Storylines and ideas are largely mine; please do not plagarize.

I would be delighted but please ask first.

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Kia is my livejournal, in which I also post my fics. And only my fics since I've decided I'm not really a diary-person.

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