Author:              Kiarene

Pairings:           Schuldig/Nagi

Warnings:         plotless smut

Disclaimer:        Don’t own Weiß Kreuz … *mutters very softly and reluctantly* and Schwarz as well…

Published:         5th July 2003

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Real world

Dream sequence


Sections separated by ~ denote a change in point of view



Midnight Smoke


solch verbotenes Verlangen, wenn süßer Jugend Unschuld lockt



Schuldig sighed as he collapsed facedown on his bed… A large, very comfortable, even opulent bed with emerald silk sheets and plump pillows in black velvet but an empty one nonetheless.


He had tried hard tonight. However, while a night out at Tokyo’s swankiest nightclubs used to guarantee a partner or three, recently he had been feeling restless. No one he met tonight, or any of the previous nights for weeks, had caught his interest.


He had tried very hard though, dancing with dark-haired partner after dark-haired partner. He knew what he was looking for though, even if he tried hard to repress the attraction; a certain shade of the richest chocolate hair, soft as a newborn’s and fine as silk, eyes of the deepest indigo until they were almost midnight….


Groaning, Schuldig turned over, laying the back of his hand over his eyes. ‘I’d thought I’ve drunk and danced myself to senselessness by now. Hey, I don’t slur when I think…’


‘…and now I know I’m really drunk.’ Taking a deep breath, he clumsily undid the buttons on his skin-tight pants. While he really, really wanted to just pass out, experience told him that sleeping in leather, especially leather slightly damp from a night of dancing, was a bad idea. Arching his hips, he shimmied them off and flung the pants somewhere in the vicinity of his laundry hamper, sighing blissfully as the chilly night air kissed sweat-damped skin and raised goose bumps. 


Too tired to remove his shirt and glad he didn’t have any underwear to take off, Schuldig rolled over and onto a large pillow, and promptly passed out.



He was back in the club, seated on a high stool at the bar, bored eyes scanning over the gyrating crowd, searching…


A lithe figure caught his attention. The brown-haired boy was facing away from him as he undulated and moved sinuously to the pounding beat, lean hips rolling and highlighting that tight ass in ripped denim. He was small-sized and slim, but definitely not scrawny from the lightly muscled shoulders and back that rippled under the fitting tank top. 


Schuldig was about to look away, when the boy turned slightly and he caught his breath in shock. Sliding down from his stool, he kept his eyes fixated on the boy, feeling as if he was mired in a bog as he shoved and pushed his way through the crowd.


“Nagi?” He yelled over the loud music. “Nagi!”


The boy turned to face him fully, a small smile quirking on the full lips. And the crowds just melted away.



A drunk telepath with vivid dreams was not a very good thing in the house.






Nagi tossed and turned in restless sleep, his dream caught up and changed by the German telepath’s strong projection. While normally disciplined, his shielding relaxed in sleep and the knowledge that he was *safe* within the Schwarz penthouse.



Nagi closed his eyes as he lost himself in the hypnotic music, body moving and jerking in ways he never dared when he was awake. He knew it was a dream. It had to be; he was not old enough to be allowed in a club like this. Sure, he had gone into a couple before, but those were for paid jobs and Crawford kept a strict eye on him. Schuldig had to use excessive use of his telepathic powers to get and keep him in, muttering about generous use of ‘don’t-look-here’ mental suggestions.


Their target was on the dance floor, and he had watched as Schuldig and Farfarello danced while he sat with Crawford – they were backup – at one of the nearby tables. In the darkened and smoky club, it was all too easy to sidle up behind someone and stab him before slipping away again. No one noticed; most were too high – on liquor or drugs – to notice anything.


Farfarello was a surprisingly good dancer; apparently the sinuous way the Irish man moved in a fight applied to dancing as well, but his attention was mainly drawn to the handsome redhead.


He admired Schuldig; he was witty and urbane and definitely very attractive, with intense blue-green eyes and that vibrant fiery mane. Since he was rescued off the streets by Crawford and brought into Schwarz, the older German had taken him under his wing like a younger brother, teasing and bothering him mercilessly but always keeping an eye out for him as well.


Yet lately, he wished that Schuldig would see him as something other than a younger brother…


He sighed as he continued to dance, hands moving unconsciously over his body, ghostly touches that suggested at a partner. It was an odd dream and unusually vivid. Suddenly, he heard his name being called, and he turned around in surprise.


“Schu?” Smiling in pleasure, Nagi turned to face the approaching redhead fully.


Schuldig stopped in front of him, grinning mischievously. “Aren’t you a bit underage, mein Kleiner?”


Nagi was about to frown and huff in anger about how he was not a child anymore – his usual response when teased – when he was struck by the oddity of the situation. He knew it was just a dream, Schuldig was not standing in front of him, and nothing he say or do would matter in the morning.


And it was *his* dream.


Teenage-awkward inhibitions melted away as he smirked up at the taller man under sultry lashes. He continued gyrating to the music, supple pelvis rolling and grinding suggestively, hands stroking carelessly over his tight top and across his chest. “But I’m here in this club, am I not? Age is relative and really… am I still a child?”


What did he have to lose?


Stepping back, he closed his eyes again and let his shyness go, the last tendril dissolving like smoke. ‘*Look* at me, Schu… I’m *not* a kid anymore.’


Perhaps his fantasy would come true within the realm of his dreams.






Schuldig choked as Nagi arched back gracefully, head dipped back and fine hair jouncing as he moved with abandon in carnal rhythm to the heavy bass. The press of sweaty bodies around them had disappeared, leaving them alone. Crimson and indigo lights spun and strobed in time with the music which had sped up, becoming more emphatically arousing, along with the young telekinetic’s movements. Slender thighs spread wide and hips thrusting indecently at him, the boy was moonlight and shadows and temptation poured into ripped denim, pale flesh flexing and shifting under the torn and frayed fabric.


The thin cotton of his tank top was scarcely a barrier as it clung to creamy sweat-slicked skin.

Long fingers made love to the lean figure, stroking over the camber of slim hips and pinching lightly at peaked nipples before wandering up to splay against the front of a gracefully arched neck, sliding up through dark chocolate strands, and then back down again. Doing everything he wished he were doing to the boy…


No, not just a boy…


Nagi had grown, and he *had* noticed it. *That* was the reason for all his frustrations. Such a verboten craving, but perhaps, here in his dreams…


Schuldig gave a low growling purr and surrendered, stepping forward to grasp Nagi’s shoulders and leaning down for a rough kiss. A bruising, fierce and entirely possessive kiss borne out of weeks of frustration, a hungry meeting of eager lips for both parties. It was clumsy, not at all how he had previously imagined their first kiss to be, but it was searing and passionate and it was what he needed right now.


The young telekinetic was a young man, mature beyond his years. No longer an awkward adolescent but a beautiful youth, elegant features already fulfilling the promise he first saw in the pale skinny kid years ago.


Definitely *not* a kid anymore.


The music slowed down, easing into a lazily sensual melody and the lights dimmed to a muted buttery glow. The world – his dream, his desires – narrowed to just him and Nagi.


His nicknames for Nagi were more to distance himself from the temping teenager by highlighting his young age, rather than to taunt the youngest assassin. Deep down inside, he knew it was just an excuse. Nagi was certainly ready for a relationship, mentally and physically. Yet he still felt bad about taking advantage of the younger, but here, *here* in his dreams, where it was just his fantasy…


…why the hell not?


Nagi’s answering moans washed over him, as rich and sweet as the finest chocolate, dark and husky with reciprocated lust and need. He was drowning in the boy’s ambrosial taste and fresh scent, willingly trapped by the alluring figure that wove an unwitting spell around him.


Small hands fisted in his shirt, pulling him yet closer as they tilted their heads instinctively to deepen the kiss, now less urgent but just as searing. Schuldig dove his tongue in, exploring and tangling with the other’s as his arms wrapped around the teenager’s waist.






Nagi groaned again as warm arms encircled him, melting into the older man’s embrace, head dipping back as he broke the kiss. Schuldig tasted intoxicating, an addictive sweetness that was due to the faint taste of liquor and something more. Whimpering and mewing as he felt a slick, hot tongue wend a path down the sensitive skin of his neck, licking a burning trail that chilled all too rapidly with its absence.



A faint silvery glow emanated from the figure on the bed, the comforter rolling back as curtains and loose papers on the desk started to flutter, gently at first, then more jerkily.



When moist lips then stopped at the base of his neck where his pulse lay rabbiting wildly and suckled, he arched up with a soft cry. “Schu!”


“Nagi, Nagi, I want you…” Schuldig’s voice was raspy with need. “Gott, you’re so beautiful…”  


“I’m yours,” Nagi husked with an emphatic and demanding thrust of his hips, rubbing cloth-covered erections together and eliciting a groaned curse in German. Hands fumbled with constricting clothing and bothersome fastenings, tugging and ripping a button or two… Somehow they managed to get their clothing off, amidst much swearing and tender kisses, or did they just melt away? Who cares, it *was* his dream.



Invisible hands peeled down silky boxers, and then his thin tank top was pulled over his head, the clothes flung carelessly onto the floor.



He was pushed back gently onto a soft surface – when the hell did the bed appear – and pinned under the welcome weight of a sinewy body and an intense emerald gaze. “Nagi, mein Schöner… may I?”  


“I’m not a kid, Schu! I know…” Nagi flushed hotly at the hoarse question, knowing full well what the older man asked despite his lack of experience. The internet *was* very informative. He knew what to expect (roughly) and what to do (in theory).  


Feeling embarrassed at his shyness and yet so very needy, he arched up, rubbing and pressing his body wantonly against Schuldig’s and reveling in his hard warmth. The telepath’s unique scent of cigarettes and cologne and something that was purely Schuldig washed over him, all smoky musk and honeyed spice.


“Geliebter, aahh…” Schuldig gave another guttural groan and pulled back reluctantly to sit on his heels. “Slow down. I know you’re most definitely *not* a kid anymore.”


That earned a whimper from Nagi and he gave another squirm, pouting sullenly. “But you never seem to notice me…”


“I do,” Schuldig admitted as he crouched back down, leaning in.


Nagi gasped as the older man licked the tip of his nose playfully, and that seemed to be a blatant invitation for his mouth was seized again in another feral kiss, one that involved a bit of teeth and a lot of tongue, and left him panting and swollen-lipped.


“Too much in fact. You’ve no idea what you do to me.” Schuldig was not unaffected as he whispered harshly. “I *have* to distance myself from you, otherwise I’ll lose—“ and Nagi shivered at the unbridled lust and stark need in the throaty growl “ –control.”


“I… Schu… Ohh!” His lips parted with a moan. Sharp teeth found and nibbled lightly at the sensitive junction between his neck and shoulder, and his head tilted to the side instinctively for greater access. The silky sheets felt wonderfully cool beneath his heated cheek. “Yesss… lose it, I want it… I *want* you.”  


Soft lips kissed down his chest, sometimes planting feathery touches and sometimes sucking hard, marking him as he writhed under the older man. His legs spread instinctively and one came up to drape over a lean hip, the other twining and sliding along Schuldig’s leg sensually.  


And then he couldn’t think anymore as sharp teeth raked across a peaked nipple, gasping silently as he bucked up. A hot, limber tongue swirled around the hardened nub, laving it in apology before moving down, each lick and nibble punctuated by breathy praise.


“I’ve dreamed of …this for so long, so *goddamn* long. I know this *is* a dream, but I want to make it last; I want to show you more. *You* are a dream, my dream come true…”


Nagi was reduced to incoherent little cries and blissful mews, his thoughts were chased away by that talented mouth and the warm, callused hands that roamed in long, slow strokes over his heated skin, exploring and branding him in exquisite ecstasy.



He arched up, moaning and muttering softly. Tendrils of power surrounded and lifted him gently. Enfolding him within its thrumming embrace, stroking and caressing over milky flesh.



His fingers found and tangled in Schuldig’s wild hair, clutching the soft strands desperately. “Haiiii… show me.”  


A slick finger, then two, slid into him easily. Wriggling, scissoring, and found his prostate. Caressed, stroked and *teased* it mercilessly as he screamed in pleasure, stuttered pleadings and hoarse cries tripping from his throat.


“Ple…please…” Oh gods above! He was so high, burning in a crimson haze of carnality and raw desire, but it wasn’t enough! When he felt the fingers withdraw, he protested with a whine, writhing lasciviously. Heavy half-lidded eyes cracked open a bit to impale the grinning man with a glare as his hands fisted and tugged weakly in the fiery locks.



Raw power burst outwards from the teenager, flinging the comforter against the ceiling and singeing the bed linens. Hands fisted in pure frustration, a high keen spilling from his throat.     



“Such a demanding brat,” Schuldig drawled, still straddling his hips, shook off Nagi’s hands easily and sat back languidly atop his thighs. The motion brushed against his balls, causing them to tighten with shivering need. 


“Schu…!” The whine that spilled out along with the petulant pout was admittedly puerile, but he felt entirely justified.


Carmine lips pouted further as he trailed his right foot up along the inside of the older man’s calf, watching with satisfaction as the smirk faltered. When he bucked his hips up insistently, rocking and grinding twin erections together, hard and weeping and *painful* with tactile need, he knew Schuldig was lost.


“N.Nagi… ahh…” The German wavered, a visible shiver running through his wiry frame.


“Schu~dig!” Nagi raked his nails bluntly down the other’s chest and along the planes and dips of the older man’s taut stomach muscles, even as his hips continued their undulating, carnal dance. 





He brought a hand up to his mouth, laving two digits and coating them generously.



His hands ghosted over Schuldig’s cock, smearing the pearlescent fluid that pooled at the tip and then, ever so lightly and *almost* shyly, he ran a hand down along the swollen length. Thick lashes started to slide down at the tentative motion, which rapidly became confident… and then *stopped*.




Nagi *smirked*.   


A low growl as Schuldig got off his thighs and knelt between them. His thighs were pushed apart and he acquiesced eagerly. Hands kneaded and spread him roughly. When he felt something thick and hard tease at his anus, rubbing but not entering, he gave another keening whine and pushed back wantonly. “Now! You won’t hurt me Schu.”


Because it’s only a dream…



Slender hips arched up yet higher, heated breath hitching in faster, shorter pants. Thighs spread wide as long fingers slid along his crack, circling and rubbing the sensitive entrance there.



His eyes slid closed as bitter tears prickled the back of his eyelids, but then that thought was pushed away when Schuldig started to slide in smoothly. Low murmurs in the older telepath’s native German tumbled brokenly from the tensed man above him and tickled his ears. A dulcet purr tripped from his throat as he was stretched slowly and filled to the hilt. It burned; an excruciating, heavenly type of heat. “Yess….”



Slick fingers pushed in, all the way to the knuckle, glowing with the characteristic aura of his Gift. His power swirled and coalesced around the fingers deep within him, stretching and filling him carefully. 



He could feel his eyes rolling back in his head from the intensity of sensation, back arching up and cock dripping freely onto his abdomen. He had masturbated before, had experimented with his fingers and toys out of curiosity, but it had *never* felt like this! A delicious shudder rippled through him. It was so very intense, so hot and he was so wonderfully *full*!


Nagi felt strong hands grip his hips securely, lifting and angling higher as Schuldig pulled back slightly. And then white pleasure exploded in front of his closed eyes as the older man *shoved* back in. He arched up in exquisite torment, a shriek rattling in his throat as his prostate was stuck again and again, unerringly and devastatingly.


Lean hips rolled in a slow, steady pace, almost leisurely even, but each brutal thrust sent a lance of electrifying pleasure spiking through his body as it hit something deep, something achingly sweet within him and turned his spine to molten lava. Fingers fisted the sheets as he tossed his head wildly. Oh gods! It may be just a dream, but it felt so damn *real*…



His fingers slid in and out rapidly, the solid pressure of his powers throbbing and pushing deep within him with every rhythmic stroke, exactly synchronized through the mental link to the older telepath in the bedroom adjacent to his. The surrounding air fairly crackled with strumming energy, ghostly touches dancing over bared skin



Every snap of powerful hips, every possessive thrust, every delicate stretch and tug of body around stiff flesh…. It was so fucking primal and carnal, so utterly heavenly and divine, and just so *perfect*!






Schuldig hissed as he slammed into the younger male, pelvis rocking eagerly into that clenching, glorious heat. Nagi was so tight and hot, and he shuddered again at the sound of those gasping screams and hitching mews that spilled out only for him. Gott, all *that* for him…


Searing lava raced through his veins, spreading though his limbs and pooling deep in his nether regions. He could feel that familiar coil of tension tightening and clawing within him, a swirling, tempestuous vortex of crimson carnal flames. Trembling muscles clenched and strained as each stroke brought him closer to that sharp edge, where the welcome midnight abyss of satiated completion beckoned.


*So* close…



His hands fisted tightly around his weeping cock, pulling faster and faster.



When Nagi came with a thin cry, arching up impossibly, his orgasm seemed to course right into him. Barely a heartbeat later, violent shudders cascaded through his body as climax claimed him as well. His world swirled, stretched and finally shattered, sparkling shards of his vision dissolving into velvety black.



Schuldig relaxed with a limp sigh, a satiated, sad smile on his face.


Just a dream…




A/N: Thanks to Dark Serapha for helping me with a bit of phrasing; I don’t speak German.

Mein Kleiner: My little (boy)

Verboten: Forbidden (is actually a legitimate English word)

Gott: God

Mein Schöner: My Beautiful

Geliebter: Love(er)

Verdammt: Damn


And the very poetic line she gave me, which I though fit this very *well*

solch verbotenes Verlangen, wenn süßer Jugend Unschuld lockt

such forbidden desire, where sweet youth's innocence is taunting



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