Hef vs. Hollywood

On the “left coast” people look at things differently than they do in the rest of the country (let alone the rest of the world!) Not only does it seem that there’s one “guru” for every ten residents, but every housewife, K-Mart check out girl, waitress and high school ‘hottie’ is getting regular Botox injections, liposuction and going to plastic surgeons for face lifts, tummy tucks, butt lifts and (of course) the obligatory “boob jobs”. So it’s no wonder that among the most heated rivalries in Los Angeles is that between the air-brushed, picture perfect teen/early twenty-somethings that grace the pages of America’s premier flesh pandering magazine, Playboy © and the hard-working, multi-talented and gorgeous women who make a good living as actresses!

Never one to miss the opportunity to turn a buck (and generate a boat load of free publicity), Hugh Hefner and his manipulative daughter Christy, the CEO of Playboy, Inc., came up with the idea of a tournament pitting their Playmates against actresses who weren’t afraid to break a nail, lose a little hair or get a bruise or two in exchange for the chance to put those “Playtoys” in their place!

So it came to pass that in the reign of President Clinton the First (aka Bill), Playmates and the actresses got down to business! The rules were simple, there really weren’t any! The first team to win four of the seven matches would be declared the winners and as their prize, the winning fighters got to enjoy the services of the loser for a night!

Match One: vs. Stacy Sanches vs. Katherine Heigl

Match Two: Julia Schultz vs. Rebecca Gayheart

Match Three: Jenny McCarthy vs. Tracy Lords

Match Four: Tishara Cousino vs. Jeri Ryan

Match Five: Elke Jeinsen vs. Charlize Theron

Match Six: Petra Verkaik vs. Jennifer Connelly

Match Seven: Catherine Bell vs. Victoria Silvstedt

Match Eight?

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