Catwoman (Tia Carrere) vs. Supergirl (Jaime Pressly) by Clyde

The budget was approved and plans were well underway for a movie the working title of which was, ‘Supergirl vs. Catwoman’. Like most movies involving superheros there was always a flaw; they title a movie after a superhero and then the villain steals the show! This time, the producers decided they’d give the villain equal billing but they still weren’t sure which character the script would emphasize more, Supergirl or Catwoman?.

The two actresses had already been chosen; Jaime Pressly as Supergirl and Tia Carrere for Catwoman. The producers decided it was going to be up to the girls to decide which character dominated the movie by having them fight it out. This wouldn’t be an ordinary fight though. Both girls were going to be trained for several weeks by different trainers on how to fight like their character. Jaime trained to fight like Supergirl, using power moves, flexibility and various wrestling moves. Tia was going to train on using her agility, quickness and various martial arts moves.

Both girls were excited that they would actually be in control of who the movie was going to be about and they were each excited to be working with the other. They were no strangers to physical roles and they looked forward to the challenge.

After their training, both girls were ready and eager to get started. The producers pulled Jaime aside and had her meet with a hypnotist who basically had her believe she really was Supergirl, with all the character’s strengths and weaknesses. The phrase to make her click was, “Are you ready to fight girls?” Tia was also called to a similar meeting, having the same post-hypnotic suggestion planted in her mind for her Catwoman character. They were told this would simply unlock their subconscious and help to get them into character.

Both girls were now ready to fight and were told to come to the gym. They arrived in full costume; Jaime with her red cape, mini-skirt, knee high red boots and blue tunic. On her perfect breasts was emblazoned a curvy “S”. Her long blonde hair lay perfectly against the back of her cape.

The Supergirl costume was made of a special fabric, very light but quite dense, almost like tight-fitting body armor. The costume hugged her athletic body perfectly as the two gentlemen sighed heavily, knowing they’d picked the perfect girl for the part. Before they were done drooling, Tia strutted into the room wearing a black, one-piece, skintight leather catsuit with a super thin black mask surrounding her eyes that gave her an exotic, evil look. Her hair bounced with each strutting stride as it hung down sexily, her curvy figure was incredible and her perfect round ass was to die for. Like Jaime’s, Tia’s suit was also made of the same dense body armor fabric. The look was completed by her black gloves and the whip she carried on her hip.

The tension could be cut with a knife as the girls sized each other up. Tia was 5’8” tall and looked down at the incredibly built 5’5” Jaime. Although they were friends off screen, both wanted the script to revolve around HER and they were both ready to fight hard to get it. They listened intently as the producer and director explained the rules.

Looking at Jaime, the director said, “This is Catwoman. She’s been a jewel thief, but her last robbery cost a security guard his life. Worse, the security guard was the uncle who raised you and now you’re on a mission to bring Catwoman to justice no matter what the cost.”

After giving Supergirl her motivation, the producer looked at Tia and told her, “This is Supergirl. She’s always been a thorn in your side and has foiled several of your robbery attempts. Killing her would bring every superhero down on you, so you want to think of another way to get her out of you hair, possibly humiliating her to a point where she’ll never want to be a superhero again.”

Tia grinned evilly at the plot, she already had a plan forming in her wicked brain.

The producer set the rules, “You’ll fight as Supergirl and Catwoman. You must not break character for any reason! If you do, the other will win and have the movie be about her and you’ll be replaced by another actress we already have standing by with a signed contract - just in case. We want this to be as real as possible, with as much aggression and passion as you can muster, so the room will be empty, it’ll be just you two alone. We’ll have camera’s rolling, but the director and myself will be the only ones watching them, so feel free to be as natural as you like. Remember, anything goes and the winner will be the last woman standing. One last thing. Here’s a pouch for each of you. In it, you’ll find your opponents weakness but you can only open this in a dire situation. If you resort to using it to win, it may count against you.”

Both girls hung their pouches from their belts securely and the director winked at the producer and said, “If there are no questions; are you ready to fight girls?”

Instantly, both women went into character in a hypnotically induced trance.

“And remember, Supergirl, you’re here for Justice. Subdue her and bring her in any way possible. Catwoman, you’re here to humiliate your hated foe,” he said as they quickly exited the gym.

“So you think your gonna a stop me Supergirl? You and what army?” Catwoman hissed as she quickly swung a long sexy leg in a sidekick toward the blonde’s head. Supergirl side-stepped the kick and jumped in the air, drop-kicking Catwoman square on the chest.

“I don’t need an army to beat you Catwoman, you killed my uncle; that’s all the motivation I need.”

As she replied, Supergirl gruffly pulled the stunned, raven hared Catwoman to her paws….er, feet! Catwoman yowled like a cat at the rough treatment she was getting at Supergirl’s hands. The Maid of Might drove her fist into the Cat’s abs and although it connected with plenty of power, the special suite absorbed much of the force of the blow.

Catwoman was knocked back a few steps and she looked up in time to see the next punch coming. With Catlike quickness, she moved to the side and delivered a roundhouse kick that connected to Supergirl’s blonde head. She was knocked off of her feet, but was able to roll and tuck and bounce right back in a standing position. She posed with her hands at her sides and her legs spread, oh so slightly; the famed Supergirl power stance. Although the kick did more damage than she was letting on, Supergirl didn’t want to let Catwoman know it.

With calm, cool, catlike precision, Catwoman attacked the petite blonde. She led with another roundhouse kick that Supergirl ducked, but then powered in a back kick flush into the sexy blondes firm belly, causing her to grunt and double over. Even though her suite blunted the main force of the kick, it still took her breath away and made her to double over.

In one fluid motion, Catwoman spun around the doubled over superheroine and chopped the back of her head sending the blonde down face first. Catwoman had already figured out that her blows to Supergirl’s head was causing more damage than those to her armored body.

The Princess of Power rolled over onto her back and looked up to see Catwoman glaring down at her. She raised her boot to stomp our Superheroine in the face, but Supergirl caught her foot in both hands. She lifted and twisted, managing to knock the gorgeous villain on her ass. Supergirl crawled on top of her fallen foe, pinned her arms with her legs and grabbed a handful of dark hair, then she began punching Catwoman in the face. The hard blows definitely had an effect as Catwoman howled in pain.

“You’ll pay for what you did to my Uncle,” Supergirl hissed as she continued her beating.

She grabbed another handful of Catwoman’s hair and began beating her head on the floor. Catwoman was quickly becoming desperate and after thrashing and bucking frantically, she finally tossed the young blonde off - only to be yanked to her feet by her now sore head. Supergirl scooped her up and then dropped her over her extended knee in a backbreaker. Wanting to make her point emphatically, Supergirl picked her foe up with an incredible show of her ‘super strength’ and dropped her in yet another well executed back breaker.

Catwoman’s body lay draped motionless over the blonde’s bare knee as Supergirl pounded a double ax-handle down onto her tight midsection. But again, most of the force was dissipated by Catwoman’s body armor. With her adrenaline pumping, Supergirl put one hand on Catwoman’s thigh and the other under her chin and began bending the already helpless villainesses body back over her knee.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH……..!” Catwoman screamed as the Princess of Power punished her violently.

Finally, Supergirl pushed Catwoman off of her knee and rolled her over onto her belly. She sat on Catwoman’s back and pulled her into a camel clutch as, once again, Catwoman howled as her back was twisted in an unnatural way. Although the women’s costumes absorbed much of the force of their punches, it didn’t protect them from painful submission holds such as this one!

Supergirl grabbed the back of the limber villainesses head and pulled her hair, almost bending the supple Catwoman over double as her body was bent backward. When Supergirl finally let go of her hair, the evil she-devil’s body bounced on the floor, breasts first and face soon after. Jaime was totally brainwashed, indeed, she truly believed she WAS Supergirl and that she was triumphing over Catwoman.

She stepped on Tia’s back and said, “This was too easy. You’re coming with me, Catwoman,” Supergirl intoned dramatically as she looked down and adjusted the curvy “S” logo on her heaving bosom.

“I’m not going anywhere, super bitch!” Catwoman spat as she reached in her pouch and pulled out Supergirl’s weakness, a small stone of glowing green Kryptonite.

Although the prop had no real effect on Jaime Pressly, while she was hypnotized, she ‘believed’ it did and as Catwoman brandished the stone, she grew just as weak and helpless at the sight of the stone as Supergirl herself would. Her legs began to buckle as Catwoman held the stone toward the blonde, then Catwoman struggled to her feet and walked slowly toward the trembling superheroine.

“No! Get it away,” Supergirl begged as the stone grew closer.

“What’s the matter, is big bad Supergirl afraid of a little rock,” Catwoman teased. “This is too delicious, look at your trembling little ass,” Catwoman hissed as she reached out and gave Jaime’s butt a quick slap.

Catwoman kept up her verbal abuse of the rapidly weakening Maid of Might as she raised her empty gloved hand to Supergirl’s face, spread her fingers and….with a sharp snap…extended five short, sharp claws from the gloves fingertips. She backed the trembling superheroine up and pinned her against the wall shivering like a cornered mouse. With one swift swing of her sharp claws, Catwoman slashed across Supergirl’s midsection, slicing away her belly armor, shredding the costume and baring her flesh. Using the fist clinching the Kryptonite, Catwoman drove her fist deep into the Girl of Steel’s now soft and exposed abs.

“OOOOooooo OFFFFFffff!” gasped the blond.

Like Jaime, Tia was totally brainwashed as she acted out the role of Catwoman. She buried punch after punch in Supergirl’s once hardened abs, crushing them like jelly until Supergirl started to slump to the floor. But Catwoman used her clawed hand between Supergirl’s breasts, sinking a thumb and forefinger nipple claw to each of Jaime’s now-bare breasts to push her against the wall and keep her upright. Then she resumed her assault, pummeling Supergirl’s now bruised belly. Catwoman pounded harder and harder, until Supergirl’s head hung down limp and her drool fell heavily on her naked, heaving breasts.

Catwoman finally stopped pounding Supergirl’s belly and pulled the limp girl to the middle of the room by her silky blonde hair. Still holding the Kryptonite in her fist, she unleashed a powerful punch to the blondes face that dropped her on her back. Her massive chest was heaving up and down as Catwoman coolly strutted over and placed her high heal boot over the Princess of Power’s neck, cutting off her air.

“Well, well,” Catwoman purred. “The mighty Supergirl doesn’t look so mighty flat on her back with my foot on her neck, now does she!” Catwoman added sarcastically.

She lifted her foot from the beaten superheroine’s neck and pressed her toes to Supergirl’s trembling lips, “Now kiss bitch! Kiss my foot and put that sexy tongue of yours to good use,” she hissed villainously as she ordered the helpless heroine service her.

Although Supergirl was weakened, she still had her pride and she angrily brushed the foot aside, got to all fours trying to scramble away on her hands and knees, screaming, “Go to hell you evil bitch!”

Supergirl didn’t even try to get to her feet, just scurried along on all fours until……


With lightning speed and precise execution, Catwoman unleashed her black leather whip and whipped it around Supergirl’s neck. Then with a mighty yank, she stopped Supergirl cold in her tracks, jerked her upright and bent her over backward on her knees. Supergirl clutched at the whip choking her, but it was no use, Catwoman wasn’t about to let go.

“The only one going to hell, my sweet little slut, is you!” Catwoman sneered as she jerked the tightened whip to cause the helpless blonde to whimper even more. “You’re no Supergirl, you’re nothing but a little blond pussy slut. And now, you’re going to be MY pussy slut,” Catwoman hissed as she reached out and ripped of Supergirl’s cape right off of her back.

The Maid of Might’s heart sank, as she was forced back down on her hands and knees as Catwoman flipped up her little red mini-skirt raise up. Coiling the excess length of her whip, Catwoman doubled it over and cracked it on Supergirl’s ass! The beautiful blond yelped in pain as the whip, one end of which was still around her neck, sliced right through her blue bikini panties exposing the skin of her bare ass.

Catwoman then went ballistic with the whip, whipping Supergirl’s raised bottom at a frantic pace. Supergirl screamed , yelped and shrieked in pain and horror as the evil Catwoman kept up her assault until Supergirl’s costume was completely shredded and her exposed bottom was crisscrossed with dark red welts. Supergirl’s arms had long since given out and she lay with her face buried in her arms as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Catwoman ripped away the rest of her shredded panties to expose her ass and pussy, then she ran a single clawed finger up the crevice of her now wet pussy, the sensation making the sobbing Supergirl shiver in unadulterated fear. Catwoman then reached down to Supergirl’s head and lifted her face by a handful of her soft, sweaty blond hair.

“Are you ready to service me as my little pussycat slave Superslut?” she asked coldly.

“N….no, I’ll never serve you…you evil bitch,” Supergirl replied in a broken voice.

“Ummmmmmmm, purrrrrrrrfect,” Catwoman growled softly. “I was hoping you’d would say that.”

Catwoman smiled as she showed Supergirl the handle of the whip. It was shaped like a dildo and the broken blonde superheroine screamed in terror when Catwoman slowly ran the head of her dildo from the top of her s ass crack down between her shaking thighs and prodded her exposed pussy.

“Let’s see, which hole do I want to fuck first? How about THIS one,” she said as she rammed the leather dick deep into Supergirl’s sopping wet pussy.

Supergirl screamed even louder as Catwoman pumped the fake cock like an expert while her other hand diddled Supergirl’s clit. Catwoman had the dildo flying in and out of Jaime’s super-pussy at lightning speed and the quivering blond was starting to respond, pushing back with her hips against the thrusting. Catwoman loved it! She was fucking the Girl of Steel into submission. Supergirl held on as long as she could, but her valiant resistance came to an abrupt climax as her pussy exploded over the hard leather cock in an powerful orgasm.

Still, Catwoman was far from finished! She continued her conquest of Supergirl’s pussy, pounding harder and harder as Supergirl’s love juices flowed copiously down the insides of both thighs as she bucked and moaned, then let out a cry and came with another strong orgasm.

Supergirl’s hips and body slumped down on the floor quivering and trembling. Catwoman leaned over and lifted the blonde superheroine’s red-faced head by her wet and stringy hair.

“Now are you ready to be my slut?”

The second orgasm had awakened Jaime from her post-hypnotic trance and she finally realized what was happening as she weakly gasped, “Nooo…nnnneeeevvverrr!”

Smiling, Catwoman brought the sloppy dildo to Supergirl’s luscious lips and rolled the cum off of it onto her lips. The whole time she was humiliating Supergirl, however, Catwoman couldn’t see the blonde’s hand fumbling in her pouch for Catwoman’s weakness talisman. Tia was still very much in her hypnotic state, when Jaime pulled out the catspaw and aimed it at her face. Jaime was so weak, it took all her strength just to hold the catspaw up, but it didn’t take long for it to work as Catwoman screamed in horror and let the sloppy dildo drop as she toppled over on her back.

With incredible strength, Jaime got to all fours and uncoiled the whip from around her neck. She rolled Catwoman over and tied her hands together before she pulled her to a standing position and stuffed the catspaw far down into Catwoman’s cleavage so the tiny claws dug into the soft, tender flesh. Catwoman was in tears as Jaime used all her strength to slap her out of her hypnosis.

When Tia snapped out of it, she looked around and, feeling herself securely bound, sighed, “I lost, didn’t I?”

Jaime looked down at her own bare ass and the stream of cum juice still dribbling down the insides of her legs and shook her head sadly, “Looks like we both lost.” Then she looked up at the cameras and yelled, “Get down here, this match is over!”

The producer and director entered the room both with goofy grins on their faces and stains on the crotch of their pants. Jaime untied Tia’s tied hands as the Producer praised them for a, “Great job girls, looks like Supergirl gets most of the story, but don’t worry Tia, we’ll have a big part for you too,” he said proudly.

Before he could continue, Jaime drove her knee as hard as she could into his crotch, driving his ball all the way up to his tonsils! As the director turned to run away, Tia gave him one of her patented roundhouse kicks, KO-ing him instantly.

Jaime picked up the video tape and said, “You can keep you perverted little movie, because we quit, but we’re taking the tape with us.”

Both men just lay motionless and groaned as they walked out, Tia with her sexy ass swaying in her tight leather pants and Jaime with her shredded mini-skirt barely covering her welted red ass. Tia took Jaime home with her that night and they spent the weekend tending each other’s wounds, both physical and emotional. It’s said, although it’s never been confirmed, that Jaime’s well-know and widely reported ‘whip fetish’ was born that night, but maybe that’s just Hollywood gossip?

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