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I figure you're here either by accident, because I sent you here thinking we might hook up, or someone else sent you here.

These pages are here because it's alot easier to put several adult pictures here and point people here than to waste time and network bandwidth mailing the same pictures over and over.

Hopefully it's useful to you, too.

If any portion of this site offends you, that's not my intention and you are welcome to leave immediately.

I'm located in Seattle, WA, USA; I'm gay, and I'm versatile - though sometimes I'll go through a "top" or "bottom" phases - so maybe you could say I'm "phased versatile."

And despite that joke, I am not an incorrigible geek.

I'm confident, opinionated, masculine and a regular person except when I'm playing around - and I am definitely NOT looking to be submissive/bottom/dominated/slave 24x7.

Feel free to write me, make suggestions, or especially to proposition me.  ;)

 -- d.g.


This is me

My friend R, had me take this picture shortly after we started playing... my torso with nipples clamped and being pulled

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If you don't already know about, you should definitely check it out - and you can start by watching one (or more) of the videos I've posted up there.

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