Anzwers, Your Free Home!
Why choose Anzwers
When you decide to open a site, even if it's only a few pages, one must never lose sight of the primary objective : to have the maximum visibility.
This is fundamental for Anzwers and its users.
Our work consists of trying to obtain the most number of hits possible for each one of you.
To test the efficiency of Anzwers all you have to do is open an account, create your own site and even if you haven't told anybody, you will see after a few days your number of hits increasing (just put a counter to verify it).
Anzwers moves along many fronts, toplist of hits and quality, an internal search engine, a list of all sites with their relative description, and a splendid new service: the automatic insertion once a month into all the sites of the major search engines.
This differentiates Anzwers from any other supplier of free space and this is why Anzwers is growing at a rate of 10,000 hits a month. The number of these that see your work depends only on the content and quality of the site.
Remember that to have more than 60 MB of space, please ask and you will have as much as needed (as always it's free).

So Let's Go!